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Above all else, we aim to deliver a perfect installation every time. We have a passion for what we do and are certified XPEL and 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers. Rest assured that you will be provided with the highest quality products and services at all times.


But don't take our word for it.


Check out what our customers are saying about

Invinca-Shield Installers below.


"Alan completed the Invinca-Shield install on Thursday. He did a magnificent job on a tough remove, and we couldn't be any happier with the new look. I just wanted you to know that he performed in a very professional manner, making sure that every detail was "just right"."


"I picked up the car tonight. It looks great! I apologize that we didn’t get a chance to meet. Thanks again for doing such a superb job."


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Alan Seligman for the wonderful job he did on my Carrera GT. His professionalism shines through. This is the best work I have ever seen so far.


Thank you,"


​Customer Reviews

  • Fonda Cerenzio
    "All I can say is WOW! You and your product rock! I cannot believe how awesome the car looks with the new clear bra. It is so awesome to have bI wanted to pass along the name and contact information for the gentlemen who did both my husband Don's Porsche and my Lexus' Invisible Auto Bra (we discussed this a few weeks/months ago?). He is incredibly professional; on time, neat and his work is first-class. I know you would be quite pleased with his work. Please feel free to contact me if you want to see his work on my car or have any questions. Thanks!"
  • Frank Ruff
    "Still have to tell you how great your product is, Alan. Everything wipes right off, nicely.Has not been a heavy love bug season but when necessary, they wipe right off - no problem. Wax it time to time - always looks real nice.I'm glad you handled for me... And just an FYI. Your product is holding up terrifically after its 1st year; looks great, protects well. I'm real happy with it - Thanks again. If I decide to have the door panels done, I'll be calling you. Thanks again."
  • Ken Smiley
    "The best installer in the country is Alan Seligman from Florida. On Sept 8th and 9th we had the honor of having Alan in Kansas City to do some installs on various cars. I was all set to have Alan install the kit on my Boxster S when after opening the kit we discovered that the front bumper pieces were not the right size!!! My bad luck is actually your good luck if you want to get this installed on your car. Alan is coming back in October, date to be set shortly, to complete the install on my car and at least one other person's as well. He will have time to do additional installs if you are interested. I took the photos below during the install so I could at least give some idea of what the installation requires and what the material looks like. I plan to take additional photos when Alan comes back out next month. If you visit Alan did the install for Tom Mitchell's GS 400 this weekend as well. The car was a gorgeous burgundy, metallic cherry color and I snapped several photos for Tom and sent them to him in email. If you are interested in getting Invinca-Shield installed on your car in October in Kansas City, you can reach Alan at or by calling 407-927-1900. Alan does installs in other parts of the country as well, as well as overseas. He is based in central Florida. Please mention this website if you contact Alan and he'll give you an additional discount on your kit/installation."
  • Don Flanagan
    "If you care about protecting your car, truck or RV from rock chips and stains from bugs then you really need to investigate having Scotchgard installed. While the material is great it is only as good as the person installing it, which is why I have always had Alan apply the material to my cars. Alan always takes his time and pays alot of attention to detail, which is why I have called him everytime I get a new car or truck. In fact I won't even drive the car once I get it home from the dealer until Alan has applied the material. To date Alan has installed the 3M material to my M3, H1 Hummer, H2 Hummer, Lamborghini Diablo Roadster, Murcielago and LM002, Audi RS-6, Porsche GT-2, Cayenne Turbo and race car, as well as my Provost Featherlite/Vantare' Bus. If you drive your car or truck and you want to protect it from rocks and bugs I would highly recommend you contact Alan to have him install Scotchgard. Believe me the cost is more than recouped when you go to sale or trade your vehicle because the paint is as new."
  • Ken Hyland
    In November, 2003, you installed your Invinca-Shield product on my 2003 Miata. After a year of wear, I must tell you that I am quite impressed. I am convinced that the material is the next best thing to being bullet-proof. With Florida’s year-round road construction, and the attack of Lovebugs twice a year, it is amazing that there is still not a blemish on the front of the car covered by the Invinca-Shield. Almost invisible, the application looks as good as the day the work was done. I have received many comments from people regarding your product, and have recommended it to those who have vehicles they treasure as I do. I have just purchased a new Mercedes Benz, and you can be sure that the first item of business will be to install your product on the car. In addition, as president of the Central Florida Miata Club, we would like you to attend one of our meetings to demonstrate the benefits of Invinca-Shield. Many of the cars in our club are considered “show pieces” by their owners, and I consider your product to be essential to keeping them that way."
  • Ian J. Burias
    "I've had the great opportunity and pleasure of having Alan Seligman as my installer for my 3M Invinca-Shield clear bra. The kits he uses on the G35 are first class in quality. Allan was very precise with his install and took the time to ensure that all pieces of the kit lined up perfectly thereby keeping the kit unobtrusive to the lines of the car and pleasing to the eye. I've seen other clear bra "kits" installed on other G35's before and none match the quality install that Allan performed on my car I've since had the clear bra on my G35 coupe for a year and have been very happy with the easy maintenance in cleaning and added protection the clear bra gives. It gives me reassurance that I don't have to worry as much as before when encountering light road debris (small rocks, bugs, etc) during my Orlando commute to work or my high way road trips. I have received many inquires and compliments regarding my clear bra and how well it turned out. I have no qualms in recommending Allan Selligman as the best installer I've met so far for the 3M clear bra to my fellow G35 club members and car owners looking for the added protection his product provides. To those reading this that are uninformed, If you are serious about keeping your car rock chip and bug stain free, definitely give Allan a call and set up an appointment. He won't disappoint. Thank you again, Allan, for your professional and quality install. This is definitely one of the best investments I've made for my vehicle"
  • Betty and Roger Reinke
    "Thank you again for the beautiful job you did on our 2008 New Beetle! We love it and I'm sure it will protect our new car for many years to come."
  • Jack Sawdy
    "I sincerely appreciate your taking the time from your schedule on Thursday to fix the two areas. I do recognize the sacrifice it took to divert to Field’s BMW when you had work waiting in Clearwater and an already busy day – before and after me. Thank you once again for an outstanding product and even greater service."
  • Douglas
    "I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did with my ZO6! It looks fantastic and after taking a close look at all the pieces, I have a deep appreciation of the skill it takes to do right. Thank you again and I passed on your contact info to the Jacksonville Corvette Club so I hope it leads to more business for you in the Jacksonville area."
  • John Coffey
    "My wife and I are extremely happy with your installation of the Xpel film on our two Honda CR-Vs. My wife had some scratches on the film, from neighborhood cats; but, they self-repaired when we applied warm water to the film! We also took a trip to Ohio in her CR-V; and, the bugs through West Virginia and Ohio were incredible. As soon as we got back, we took it through the carwash; and, everything was back to perfection! I have recommended your product and services to neighbors and coworkers. Our local car wash representative asked extensive questions about it, so I gave him your card.."
  • Wei-Shen Chin
    "I have had the pleasure of utilizing Alan Seligman of Invicashield for the paint protection film installation of all of my cars....from high-end sports cars down to our minivan. He is a perfectionist, an artist, and a craftsman. His attention to detail is exemplary. He requires no supervision or oversight. I recommend him highly for all your paint protection needs.
  • Charles
    "Alan, you did an awesome job. It looks so good and I am sure the investment will pay off. I would highly recommend this product but most importantly endorse you as the job is only as good as the installation. Thanks again!"
  • Chris Teel
    "I bought my 2005 Carrera S a couple of years ago with some type of protection shield on it. I started to notice that it was yellowing. After searching and asking around, Alan came highly recommend. Alan spent most of the day carefully applying the clear bra, and the results were amazing. This is a great product and Alan Seligman is an even better installer."
  • Dr. William E. Williams
    "I want to thank Alan for the superb clear bra installation on my 2009 Porsche Carrera and 2008 Lexus RX-400h. Alan's professionalism and experience was evident from the very first moment we met. The clear bras blend in with the rest of the vehicles. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend Alan and Invinca-Shield for anyone interested in this product. Thanks!"
  • Dewaine Glyda
    "Taking a young guest to the Orlando Ferrari dealership was one of the luckiest days of my life. Alan Seligman was there, doing a 360 Modeno in the showroom. I was about to purchase a new Miata SE and planned to protect it. Alan did that job two and a half years ago and it still looks great! In late December I contacted Alan again because I had just ordered a new Lexus RX330 to be the family workhorse. Alan just finished the job today and it is another stellar job. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Alan to do that special car you are buying. Thanks again Alan, I understand why people would fly you out to do their cars!"
  • Charles
    "All I can say is WOW! You and your product rock! I cannot believe how awesome the car looks with the new clear bra. It is so awesome to have been able to watch a true professional work at his craft. And this is absolutely a form of art, no kidding! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and doing business with you, and I already have had friends and neighbors view your work in disbelief. They could not believe the car even had been done, until I pointed out the product to them. You are a true asset to your profession and I will highly recommend you to all who are interested in protecting their investment. As I told you, I had another clear bra installed by a local installer on my previous Infiniti G35, and it was not even close to the quality of your work. I can finally take my new G35 out on the road and feel safe again, knowing I do not have to worry about the barrage of road debris out there. If anyone is looking for this product and an installer, and you are reading this, do not hesitate to call Alan!"
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